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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I don't read a lot of non fiction books, just not my thing really.  But a book about books, come on!  How could I possibly refuse?!  Now I know this may make me sound a little ignorant, but I did not know how many books there were about books.

So Book Lust is a list of books that the author, Nancy Pearl, thinks are worth reading.  From A to Z she lists her favorite subjects and authors.  In just her introduction alone I found myself laughing and looking forward to what she has to say about books for over 250 pages.  I did add quite a few books to my to-read pile, I actually had a pen and paper handy while reading this so I didn't have to stop and look up the books on my library website.  However, there were a lot of times when they were just lists.  And even though I might be interested in a subject, just the title of a book may not be enough to get me to run down to the bookstore.

4/5 stars for making my to read list jump by about 50 books.

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