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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

**spoiler alert** I loved this book. I really enjoyed going back and forth, from Jacob in his prime at the circus to Jacob as a ninety-something old man in a retirement home. I'd heard the ending was predictable, but I really didn't think so. Even though I was hoping he and Marlena would end up together, I was seriously doubting it would happen. I also really enjoyed the ending where he gets away from his life at the retirement center and rejoins the circus. The place that is truly his home.

Marlena was a not-so-typical, typical 30's woman. She's not typical because she ran away and joined a circus. However in almost every other respect she is what I picture women from the 30s to be like. She was a little weak, didn't speak up for herself much. Not the heroine we like to see today. But that's how women were treated then, that's how they were expected to behave.

Jacob, was so perfect for me. I loved his innocence at the beginning, how he hadn't realized how bad things were outside of Cornell. His devastation after his parents died. Wanting to just go, to get away from it all. And as an old man, just wanting to be who he always was. Wanting to be noticed, but not wanting to tell his secrets. I couldn't help but compare him to Rosie. So many of the nurse's and even the doctor thought he was a trouble patient. They always said he was depressed or this or that. When really all he needed was for someone to speak to him in a way he could understand. This person just happens to be Rosemary, which could be a version of Rosie. I found this interesting; Jacob helps Rosie and then Rosemary helps Jacob.

Something I will have to buy a copy of, and will be recommending to everybody.

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